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Cultivating a Deeper Connection With You

Your Whole Self: An Inner Relationship Focusing Workshop

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Service Description

You are invited to join in our Cultivating a Deeper Connection With Your Whole Self: An Inner Relationship Focusing Workshop. In this live online two-hour workshop you will be introduced to the Inner Relationship Focusing method developed by Dr. Ann Weiser Cornell, a variation of Dr. Eugene Gendlin's Classic 6 Steps Focusing. You will be equipped with practical tools to enhance a deeper connection with your inner parts, foster emotional well-being, embodiment, and gain self-understanding. We take great pride in fostering a close-knit and engaging learning environments. Our workshops are designed to be fun, supportive learning atmospheres with a focus on hands-on, active participation. You can expect a break from passively staring at the computer screen with sufficient time for Q&As and engaging discussions, practices, and group exercises. You will be introduced to new ways of creating healthy relationships with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions so change emerges naturally. This is a great opportunity to bring family members or friends who are new to Focusing or meet other similar-minded individuals. Previous participants in our workshops have reported experiencing increased feelings of peace, aliveness, acceptance, joy, and calmness. What's Included: 1) Two-hours of class time 2) Practice Focusing in Partnerships and/or Solo Focusing 3) Handouts with relevant class exercise sheets to help you grow in the gentle art of Focusing 4) A fun, supportive learning environment 5) Email support from your teacher There are many ways to learn Focusing and many variations to Focusing itself. I am a Certified Focusing Professional and Trainer (Inner Relationship Focusing) with Dr. Ann Weiser Cornell. I've also studied at The BioSpiritual Focusing Institute with director John Keane and thoroughly studied Eugene Gendlin's Classic 6 Steps. Required Materials: None Prerequisites: None. All are welcome. Feel free to invite others. Attendance: Please plan to arrive early as we will be starting and finishing on time. Join an enriching Focusing community.

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