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Make-Up & Progress Session

This session is reserved for Focusing With Laura students only.

  • 40 minutes
  • 50 Canadian dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Recognising the complexities of schedules and the possibility of missing classes, we offer Make-Up & Progress Sessions tailored to ensure you don't fall behind. These sessions are specifically crafted to provide you with the focused, individual attention needed to master missed classes or deepen your understanding of course material and excel in your studies. We follow the structured attendance policies established by The International Focusing Institute, which enrich our learners' journey. You must attend this mandatory session if you are absent and/or fall behind for a total of more than 2 weeks of class or if you fail to meet course requirements. 1. Mandatory for Students in Focusing Foundations Training Part 1 and Part 2: A. Eligibility for the Partnership Network: Mandatory for students aiming to join the Partnership Network via The International Focusing Institute. This is a critical step for integration into a worldwide community of learners and professionals. B. Focusing Partnership Award: Essential for those seeking The Focusing Partnership Award from The International Focusing Institute, which symbolises excellence and dedication in Focusing practice. This award is a prerequisite for joining the Partnership Network. C. Certificate of Completion: Necessary for students aiming to receive a Certificate of Completion from Focusing with Laura, indicating successful completion of their current course phase. This certificate is required for the Focusing Partnership Award. D. Advanced Focusing Courses: Required for Part 2 enrolment or further study. Current studies must be recognised as essential prerequisites. 2. Optional Participation for Absentees: This option offers an additional, personalised session tailored for students who have missed one or two classes and are eager to ensure they remain on track with their coursework or fully comprehend the material they missed. Opting for this session is a proactive choice, not a mandatory requirement, making it an ideal approach for students looking to enhance their learning experience. It provides specialised support designed to cover gaps due to absence. 3. Optional Support for Enhanced Understanding: For students who feel behind or seek a deeper understanding of a specific topic, scheduling a one-on-one session offers an excellent opportunity. This option allows students to concentrate on their particular areas of need with direct support and personalised guidance from their instructor.

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