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What Do People Use Focusing For?

And who Benefits from it?

Focusing offers profound benefits for those facing personal challenges, emotional distress, or critical life decisions. This adaptable and versatile technique not only facilitates personal growth but also serves as an invaluable resource for professionals seeking innovative solutions. It excels at transforming fuzzy, preverbal knowledge into conscious awareness, allowing what lies unconscious to enrich everyday understanding.

As a trauma-informed process, Focusing can be tailored to meet diverse needs and objectives across different fields and personal circumstances, enriching every part of life and making it a powerful tool for comprehensive personal and professional development. Some of the uses of Focusing that we specialise in include:

★ Pause & sense before responding when emotionally triggered

★ Make decisions with ease, live with self-confidence and self-trust

★ Feel secure, calm & peaceful throughout your day

★ Increase self-awareness of your thoughts, feelings and emotions

★ Access creative flow, move forward and meet challenges with ease

★ Reconnect your mind-body wisdom and manifest your higher purpose

‘Focusing helps you to move forward with your life with the wisdom of your whole self, not just your logical mind. It is a way to guide your life from the inside, to know what is right for you without always looking to outer authority, or other people’s opinions.’ Bebe Simon, world-renowned expert on Focusing


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